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Welcome to the page of our Libertarian candidates, individuals dedicated to championing the principles of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and limited government. In a political landscape often dominated by partisan divides and bureaucratic overreach, our candidates offer a refreshing alternative focused on empowering individuals, fostering free markets, and upholding the principles of the Constitution.

Our slate of candidates bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, each committed to advocating for policies that prioritize the rights and freedoms of every citizen. Whether promoting free-market solutions to healthcare, advocating for criminal justice reform, or championing civil liberties, our candidates are united in their commitment to advancing a vision of a society where individuals are free to pursue their happiness without undue interference from the government.

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Bob Drach

Bob Drach

North Carolina's State Auditor

HI, I am Bob Drach — your best choice for North Carolina’s State Auditor. As a former Certified Management Accountant, I know financial reporting, information systems and organizational leadership. See the many reasons to elect Bob on his website linked here.

Gheorghe Cormos

Gheorghe Cormos

US NC 3rd District Congressmen

My motivation for running for US NC 3rd District primarily stems from the government power overreach during the shutdowns, as well as the continued polarization of our society. My subjective truth, and arguably, the objective truth as well, is that there is NO discernable difference between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Both will inherently increase government authority to solve “problems” at the cost of individual liberties.

The following are the policies, or planks, on which I will focus throughout my campaign:

  1. Our National Debt is Unsustainable
  2. End Marijuana Prohibition
  3. Yes to School Vouchers
  4. No to Emergency Powers and Immunities
  5. End Political Polarization via Ranked Choice Voting and Limiting Gerrymandering

John Evans

NC Senate District 7